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Meet The Founders

When we launched Blossom Bright Candle Co. in 2018, we knew that we wanted to produce a candle that was toxin-free and of sheer quality. We considered the bigger picture when it came to putting out a product and the ways in which it would benefit our consumers. Understanding the importance of fostering the connection between mind, body, and spirit for overall wellness, our candles are created with purpose, thought, and intention for those who partake in aromatherapy as a means of self-care. We created something that exceeded our personal expectations and decided to share it with the world to birth a great candle experience. It’s our pleasure to provide a wide range of health-conscious, premium soy candles that are handcrafted to help others relax, maintain balance, and blossom in all areas of life. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Jonnaé & Raven, Co-founders

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