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Growth and The Grind

Have you ever tried to grind it out and it back-fired? I for sure have. We live in a society where almost everyone glorifies "the grind." Grinding usually means that you're working extra hours, harder than usual, or truly dedicating yourself to meet a goal. If you have a high-stress occupation like myself (nursing), then you know that grinding can be unhealthy if not done correctly. Four months ago, I experienced what is called "burn-out." I over-worked myself so much that one morning I awoke from SLEEP and was too mentally and physically exhausted to get out of bed. I wasn't maintaining a well-balanced diet, exercising, indulging in self-care activities I like, or doing things I enjoyed.

It was all work, work, work and absolutely no play. I took about 5 days to myself afterwards, but I do understand that not everyone can afford to take that many days off. This is why I'm writing to say this: don't stunt your own growth while on your grind.

Candles have always helped mellow me out. Whether to relieve stress or just to relax, there's nothing like my favorite candle lighting up the room with its fiery shadow and scent. I like to light a candle and write. I light candles during meditation. I light candles when company is coming over. I light candles whenever. It's always lit over here! 🔥😂

If you're reading this, chances are you like candles, too! I encourage everyone to practice self-care and to do the things you like to do. Sure, we all want success but don't forget to live life and indulge in whatever it is self-care looks and feels like for you. If it's lighting a candle and taking a bath or reading a book or listening to jazz, we're here to help with that.

-Team Blossom Bright 🌸

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